You have to make a way for each color cube, from there spawn to there exit. Cubes follow some simple rules:
- they spawn and go to the direction there spawner show
- they go to the right if they hit wall
- they follow the instruction if they step on an instruction block
- if cubes hit each other or fall off, it's loose

They are some instruction block:
- arrow blocks change cube durection for the direction they show
- turn around block make cube turn on there left or there right, once in two
- square block stop cube for one step
- dash black push cube on the direction they show
- cross block are pair color teleporter

Personal student project based on the game named "Rush".
Developped with Unity3D.
Modelization with Maya.

It was my first project with both softwares, and it took me one month.
It's not as clean as I wanted, and some more features should have been usefull, but optimisation and mobile's version took me lot of time.

Fell free to comment what you think about it, and what should have been done to make it better.

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